What makes you happy to be alive?  what makes all this struggle worth it?)

Asked by Summr 22-25, F

 Reply By Me

 Being alive is already my greatest happiness.

Precious stones don’t live.
Beautiful flowers don’t live.
Cute and huge animals don’t live.
All creatures throughout the universe don’t live, they only exist unconsciously.
Living as a human being with rational sense, I can gain knowledge, I can make choice and I know why and how God loves me and all mankind above all things.
For my whole life, I don’t struggle to earn anything else, because nothing is more precious than life, especially the spiritual life eternal.
All so-called difficulty, hardship, calamity … I have experienced are only divine gifts and ornaments above our contingent body.
I happily and thankfully enjoy this life and the life to come.


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New Addition For This Post


Abdul-Baha says:

 What is he in need of in the Kingdom which transcends the life and limitation of this mortal sphere? That world beyond is a world of sanctity and radiance; therefore it is necessary that in this world he should acquire these divine attributes. In that world there is need of spirituality, faith, assurance, the knowledge and love of God. These he must attain in this world so that after his ascension from the earthly to the heavenly Kingdom he shall find all that is needful in that life eternal ready for him.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 63)


 Life most precious

With intelligence to choose

Returning to God


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