What kind of eternal torment besides burning in hell would you suggest if you could?

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 There is no hell and no burning in such a place called hell. It was imagination of immature individuals. Ignorant monarchs thought that torture and killing would suppress free thinking of their subjects. They even put to death nine generations of people related to their opponents, but finally the masses have dethroned them all. Hence, there is the saying that kings are temporary and the people eternal.

Mature governors today do not think of torture, but of servitude: Who truly serve the community, mankind will support them by free elections.
Mature human beings today realize that hell or heaven is spiritual condition. Fruit of good deeds is reward, remorse of bad thoughts is punishment.
In the divine education, no torture is encouraged or taught. Throughout history, all Messengers of God only teach good thinking, good saying and good doing. The reverse is falsity of heedless followers or deniers.
Today, we have all Holy Books for verification.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 The communities must punish the oppressor, the murderer, the malefactor, so as to warn and restrain others from committing like crimes. But the most essential thing is that the people must be educated in such a way that no crimes will be committed; for it is possible to educate the masses so effectively that they will avoid and shrink from perpetrating crimes, so that the crime itself will appear to them as the greatest chastisement, the utmost condemnation and torment. Therefore, no crimes which require punishment will be committed.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 268)


 Reward and torment

Preserving social order

By education


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