How can you find confidence in yourself?

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 I must learn to know my powers as a human being.

Each and all human beings have five powerful physical senses and five marvelous spiritual senses. When I have this clear knowledge, I will confidently go through life as a unique personality among other diverse but equal individuals. They can be happy as farmers, singers, physicians; I can be happy as a servant of the human race.
I learn anything I lke, I can understand and apply for a richer, healthier and more useful life. This I have done in previous decades and I will continue in years to come, and according to my belief, to all eternity. By learning, I may get wrong lessons, but I can make modifications too. Otherwise, I will stagnantly remain in ignorance, confusion, and hence, in unhappiness.
All animals are instinctly confident. All human beings can be consciously confident by greater and greater knowledge through education.
If we were deprived of schooling by unfavorable conditions in the past, we must start learning right now. Learning is our sole way to confidence.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 Partaking of knowledge and education is one of the requisites of religion. The education of each child is obligatory. If there are no parents, the community must look after the child. It is suggested that the childless educate a child.

It is incumbent on every one to engage in some occupation, such as arts, trades, and the like. We have made this — your occupation — identical with the worship of God, the true one.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 26)


 Gaining true knowledge

From Divine Educator

I’m quite confident


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