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 Helping yourself. The more you succeed in this, the more you make the world better for me and for all mankind.
Many people don’t help themselves. They wait for the help from God, from other people, from relatives, and they become disappointed when they see no help from outside.

Other people are trying to help mankind, while no one among mankind believes in his capacity. They also hate the world for not bowing before them to receive privileges.
In reality, God helps us all by teaching us how to help ourselves. He sends down Moses, Christ, Baha’u’llah … to tell us that we are His children and we should develop our inner powers to grow spiritually in our eternal life. And by ignoring this truth, we fall into the misery of ingratitude.
I am powerless to help any human beings, including my children and grandchildren. I rely on God’s guidance and I only try to remind people about this divine support.
I need help from God and only God can help.
You are also created with the same love from God.


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Baha’u’llah says:

 17. O SON OF MAN! Be thou content with Me and seek no other helper. For none but Me can ever suffice thee.

(Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)


 Helper of us all

Omnipotent One True God

Father on Heaven


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