Do you ever get tired of being a person?

 I mean being a human being. Do you ever get fed up with all the demands of the world and the expectations that come with being ….. just being?

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 Yes, no other creatures feel tired of being themselves.

Plants keep on giving oxygen without feeling tired.
Animals giving labor without feeling tired.
Only human beings who easily feel tired in employment as well as in joblessness; tired of too much eating as well as in starvation, tired in healthiness as well as in sickness….

They are tired because their brains get no energy to receive glad messages of joy from high heaven. In such dying condition, they don’t enjoy the light of knowledge in nature, but feeling fed up with the demands of the world; they don’t feel happy with applaud for their creativity, but busying with the fear that they have not fulfilled the expected esteem of an intelligent being.
God, the Generous Giver is not to be blamed.
The world, a huge canvas for artistic talents, is not to be blamed.
The one to be blamed is me – the breath of life. As a breath of life, I should make them living as children of God. Poor me! My life depends completely on their choice: when they choose to be living, I live; when they choose to die, I die.
But God is not to be blamed, because He sends down omnipotent Educators to incessantly tell all people about how to make choice, to make good choice, without interfering in man’s free will.
I am thankful to God for free choice.


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Abdul-Baha says:

 The prophets of God are the first educators. They bestow universal education upon man and cause him to rise from lowest levels of savagery to the highest pinnacles of spiritual development. The philosophers too are educators along lines of intellectual training. At most they have only been able to educate themselves and a limited number about them, to improve their own morals and, so to speak, civilize themselves; but they have been incapable of universal education. They have failed to cause an advancement for any given nation from savagery to civilization.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith – Abdu’l-Baha Section, p. 248)


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