Do you believe in destiny?

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Yes, definitely.
My life is shaped by God, but He allows me to shape my destiny.
He bestows on me all His noble virtues, but He requires me to develop them with good thinking, good saying and good doing.
My destiny will please Him when the endowed virtues develop fully.
My destiny will displease Him when the destined virtues suffocated by my ignorance, weakness, arrogance.
So, I am in complete freedom and independence to shape my destiny.
My true destiny is to live as a son of God, even in poverty, humility or premature death. My false destiny is to live as a son of satan, even in wealthiness, popularity or longevity.
Huge Books have been revealed to teach me and all mankind about our relation to God and our happy life as His children.
Our destiny is divine reunion and not desperate waywardness.

Comment By cassiopeia11 31-35, F 13 mins ago

Beautifully said!

New Addition For This Post


Abdul-Baha says:

 May you become hungry for the bread of the kingdom; for as His Holiness the Christ said, “He that drinketh the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.” This means the apprehension of the ideals of the human world and of the heavenly realm. Day by day may you receive these concepts; day by day may you inherit this new state of consciousness till you become immersed in the sea of divine light.

This station is the ultimate result of human life; this station is the true fruit of existence; this station is the pearl of human consummation, the shining star toward which human destiny points.


 Man’s destiny good

He freely shapes it himself

Under God’s guidance


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