What does life mean to you?

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Life means living.
Life is mysteriously precious; human beings cannot create it. We can cause death, but we cannot make life.
Life of a blade of grass that gives us oxygen is a marvelous mystery.
Life of a chicken that gives us nutritious food is a profounder mystery.
Life of the human body is an unfathomable mystery.
Life of the human soul is beyond man’s knowledge and imagination.
The existence of our living planet earth is telling us the divine providence of God.
The breath of life from the Holy Spirit is the source of all life under God.
As a human being, we need to use our rational sense to discover these mysteries to live happily and thankfully in the love of God. We should not waste our life as a random composition of physical elements. How physical elements become intelligence and intelligence destroys itself?!
I cherish life and I am entering the Divine Education to get more light to live a more purposeful life. Today, we have the Internet as the best means for Divine Education. The creative words are abundantly available here.


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Baha’u’llah says:

 63. O SON OF MAN! The light hath shone on thee from the horizon of the sacred Mount and the spirit of enlightenment hath breathed in the Sinai of thy heart. Wherefore, free thyself from the veils of idle fancies and enter into My court, that thou mayest be fit for everlasting life and worthy to meet Me. Thus may death not come upon thee, neither weariness nor trouble.

(Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)


 Life means progressing

Purposefully towards God

Supreme Creator


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