Does Anyone On Here Have Family Problems? I don’t have a good relationship with either of my parents.

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I love my parents, my chidren, my grandchildren, and I don’t think they have any problems with me. We have the love and faith in God. When facing any difficulties, we use God’s teachings for guidance. So our family is becoming more and more united and prosperous. I think that it is hard for any one to agree with the opinions of other people, but obeying God’s counsels is quite easy.
The more we practice learning and living the life of believers, the easier we get into agreement and harmony. I never impose my opinions on other members, and none of them appear as trying to dominate me.
Perhaps, the more we broaden our love to the world, the more we have love in the family. Because, if love is not the cement binding family members, how can we establish friendly bonds with strangers?
I think that if God is not our King, then our family will have many kings who face unsolved problems. What can be the perfect standard for agreement on complicated problems of life?
The more we are clear about Divne Unity, the stronger will be our unity in family, in a ntion and in the world. Otherwise, unity always remains as an empty word.
Learning is requred for our happiness in real unity.


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Abdul-Baha says:

His Holiness Baha’u’llah created these merciful sentiments in the most complete form and deposited them in the hearts of men. This is in keeping with the teaching of Christ, because it is the reality and reality changes not. Is it possible to say that divine unity is divisible, or the knowledge of God, the oneness of the world of humanity, universal justice, the solidarity of the human race – are they ever subject to transformation?

No, I declare by God they are immutable, for they are the reality.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 151)


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