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Today, Monday.
I am still alive with more joy and hope.
I retired for nearly two decades, hence Monday and Sunday to me now are all pleasant days. I am free to sleep, I am free to eat, I am free to work, I am free to play, I am free to mention about God and to praise God. Fortunately, I have learned that the last breath in praising God is the greatest success of man’s life. And Internet is now enabling me to remember and to practice this divine lesson. I already spend two hours this morning to enjoy breathing the fragrance of God, I myself and other friends sharing here and mainly on Facebook.
I am happy seeing that more and more people living all days as favorite days from God.
I am thankful to God for giving us these New Days.
My working Monday now is still sleeping Sunday for daughter in US!


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Abdul-Baha says:

For the new day hath dawned — awaken the sleeping ones! Thanks be to God, you are the beloved of the universe that love the whole world. Praise be to God your affection is for all, you are the enemies of none, lovers of humanity, a precious mine for the souls.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 101)


Joy and hope each day

Increasing with trust in God

Who loves boundlessly


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