Did you have a nice day?

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Reply By Me

Yes I did and I want that other people also had it.
This is quite simple, practical and easy.
My day is good because I love God. Although I cannot see Him, I can see His signs.
When I feel uneasy, I say “Oh God, refresh and gladden my spirit.” And immediately I feel elated. In this positive state of mind, I remember innumerable blessings He bestows on me in nearly four scores of years.
For only few hours this morning, I happily taste sweet melon, grow new flower plants, answer three interesting questions, getting invitation to wedding and to conference about spirituality from abroad…. It seems that my family is broadening from day to day.
All things come smoothly as the flow of a river, without my calculating, planning or striving for any accomplishment.
Since signs of the existence of God and His love are omnipresent in time as well as in space, I think that all people can see if they want to.
We don’t see air, we don’t see our earth planet, we don’t see the Internet… but as soon as we remember our love for them, abundant signs will appear either to our eyes or to our mind.
Why do we suffer too long with imaginary worries causing our mind to be shut before myriad pleasant things of life?
Please, switch on the light of you mind.


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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

With hearts set aglow by the fire of the love of God and spirits refreshed by the food of the heavenly spirit you must go forth as the disciples nineteen hundred years ago, quickening the hearts of men by the call of glad tidings, the light of God in your faces, severed from everything save God. Therefore, order your lives in accordance with the first principle of the divine teaching, which is love. Service to humanity is service to God.

(Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 7)


My days flows smoothly

On river of God guidance

To His boundless realm


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