Does being an Atheist make you a bad person ?

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The matter is not in bearing the label of atheist or theist, of stupidity or wisdom, of spirituality or religious…. The matter is in using our own rational sense to get the true meaning of GOOD.
Love is good, but, are all lovers good?
Education is good, but, are all educators good?
Faith is good, but, are all believers good?
In fact, no one can judge other people, either by the labels they bear or by their own actions. I believe that love is good and I can only understand my knowledge, my motive, my goal in performing any actions. Since, erring is possible even in good will, so I have to bring my deeds into account every day for improvement. Finally, only God is my Judge.
In my family, we agree on most matters concerning a good life. But no one is dictating what is good for other members. Each one will do his own investigation of truth and conducting his life by his own will. When some contradiction appears, we sit together in compassionate consultation for new agreement.
I am a believer and I never think that I am better than any non-believers. They are noble children of God and God always guide them.
I agree to disagree and I pray God for guidance.


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Abdul-Baha says:

Is the materialistic philosophy of this Europe, so much praised by contemporary agnostics and atheists, a philosophy to be admired?… Is this an enviable goal to which humanity may aspire? …No, by God, the philosophy of glory needs no scholastic curriculum.

Strive so that these people may be released from their nature worship and become like sons of wisdom from the city of light. “We speak one word and by it we intend one and seventy meanings.”-

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 139)


Human destiny

By conscious knowledge and deeds

Not by mere lables


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