why is my reason for being depressed so stupid.  My life is perfect and probably 80% of the world would die to have all of the things I got growing up; all the toys I wanted, house staff, a super nice nanny. But actually maybe not because the only reason I got all of this stuff was from the guilt of my problems. But the first day I remember being depressed was in grade 6. We were going to every thursday ave a workshop and we all got to pick our top three workshops we wanted to do and me and all of my friends picked the same ones but all of them were put into 1st term sports history and 2nd term first aid and I was 1st term first aid and second term sports history. I was the only one not with my group of friends. And I cried and cried and cried and after that day people kept saying “i was diffrent” and not my funny self anymore. Someone told the guidence counciler they thought i needed help and they made me do a mental illness assesment and they said I have Adolescent Depression or somethin. Thats y i started being depressed so stupid

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When we don’t know exactly who we are and for what purpose we live, we easily get lost in any circumstances of life. We exist in obscurity with fear, worry and disappointment.
We like many things which we imagine as source of happiness. By not getting, we complain for being born under an unlucky star; when obtaining, we realize that those things cannot make us happy! That is why both paupers and richards are crying.
All Great Educators call man to independent investigation of truth. This is the first requirement to live as a bilssful human being.
What is truth? Who can teach us this investigation of truth? And is there such a thing that we call “truth”?
Nobody can convince mankind about truth and finally leading all to the divinely promised “Paradise” This mission, God assigns to each of His children. And finally, at the ultimate reunion, no complaint would be justified. Each will know he himself obeys or disobeys His Heavenly Father.
Buddha, Christ, Baha’u’llah … have given abundant clues for this quest of God. And, regretfully, today we attach greater value to physical than spiritual clues.
As an intelligent being, let us think and rethink: Happiness is physical or spiritual? Man is physical or spiritual? God is physical or spiritual?….
Investigation starts with answering our own questions.


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Abdul-Baha says:

Discover for yourselves the reality of things, and strive to assimilate the methods by which noble-mindedness and glory are attained among the nations and people of the world.
No man should follow blindly his ancestors and forefathers. Nay, each must see with his own eyes, hear with his own ears and investigate independently in order that he may find the truth. The religion of forefathers and ancestors is based upon blind imitation. Man should investigate reality.

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 24)


Knowledge brings us joys

Appreciating love of God

For all His creatures


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