Is Female Empowerment the solution to the World’s Problems?
I believe it is. What do you think?
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I entirely agree with you.
Women are greater half of mankind being oppressed, maltreated, and dominated by outdated patriarchy. Fathers, priests, husbands, employers, even teachers, deprive girls and women of most of their human rights and powers. Due to lack of independence in education, in finance and in policy making, they cannot fulfil their high roles as mothers and world citizens.
Gender equality policy made by men is giving women more oppression and hardship than freedom to development and empowerment.
The change will fairly occur only when priority of education, of policy making, of suitable employment… for women being applied everywhere to modify their lives and their family members. Fathers, brothers, sons… should be educated to support women in this social transformation. The delay in this endeavor will be harmful not only for women, but for the whole human race without the complete and efficient contribution of the compassionate mothers and policy makers.
See how many women are now sitting on national and international commissions to make new policies for world betterment?! Much more need to be done for a bright future of all human beings – male and female.
Mature men please think and act faster as supporters.

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New Addition For This Post

Baha’i Representative At The UN says:

“Educational programs undertaken as part of the Decade must also cultivate a greater understanding that to each right is attached a corresponding responsibility. The right to be recognized as a person before the law, for example, implies the responsibility to obey the law – and to make both the laws and the legal system more just. Likewise, in the socio-economic realm, the right to marry carries with it the responsibility to support the family unit, to educate one’s children and to treat all family members with respect. The right to work cannot be divorced from the responsibility to perform one’s duties to the best of one’s ability. In the broadest sense, the notion of “universal” human rights implies a responsibility to humanity as a whole.
(Baha’i International Community, 1996 Mar 15, United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education)


Radical change needed
Concerning rights of women
For world betterment


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