If you had to spend $1,000 in an hour, how would you spend it?

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I make contribution to a divine fund.
I support poor schoolchildren.
I distribute Books with mentioning about God….
I know well where and how to spend my money. But I never wait till the time I possess it. Everyday, I am doing all these necessary things without or with very little money.
I encourage rich people to give their money.
I encourage people with small income to give additional labor.
I encourage poor people to give positive thoughts, ardent prayers and precious time to make their own lives better than yesterday. When more people are giving time, labour and money for the education of children and beautifying the souls of nations, then our world will surely become a better world. Nobody is too poor that he has nothing to give for the Cause of Universal peace. We are sad, we are helpless, we are confusing, only because we choose not to think and to do something with our living mind.
All people are born with the power of understanding, of thinking and of doing constructive things for oneself and for society. I firmly believe that a person who can learn to use the Internet, can learn to use his life for the service of all mankind. Plans and methods of actions are abundantly available on the Internet too.
The world will surely be better with more consumption of Apple, Strawberry, and newer digital Fruit….
I am thankful to God for creating human intelligence.


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Abdul-Baha says:

In fine, that inner faculty in man, unseen of the eye, wresteth the sword from the hands of nature, and giveth it a grievous blow. All other beings, however great, are bereft of such perfections. Man hath the powers of will and understanding, but nature hath them not. Nature is constrained, man is free. Nature is bereft of understanding, man understandeth. Nature is unaware of past events, but man is aware of them. Nature forecasteth not the future; man by his discerning power seeth that which is to come. Nature hath no consciousness of itself, man knoweth about all things.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith – Abdu’l-Baha Section, p. 339)


Faculty in man
Transforming our society
Much and much better


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