What’s your weapon of choice?
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With it, I have won a relatively long life of freedom, independence and happiness.
People who love me, give me support. People who don’t love me, put me in prison. And everywhere, I return love to all and my life is becoming more and more pleasant.
At this moment, I am completely free to do anything I like. I answer questions on ExperienceProject; I write articles on WordPress.com; I like and share nice pictures and hot news on Facebook. I all what I do, I focus on praising God for His creation with love and for favoring all mankind with the divine education for them to finally reunite with Him in the spiritual realm of no beginning and no ending.
In this month, I will have two occasions to give public talks at a Catholic seminary about the existence of God, and at a Baha’i Festivity about God’s Plan for the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.
I am always thankful to God for His boundless love.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

Just as the surface of the material world becomes dark and dreary, the soil dormant, the trees naked and bare and no beauty or freshness remain to cheer the darkness and desolation, so the winter of the spiritual cycle witnesses the death and disappearance of divine growth and extinction of the light and love of God. But again the cycle begins and a new springtime appears. In it the former springtime has returned, the world is resuscitated, illumined and attains spirituality; religion is renewed and reorganized, hearts are turned to God, the summons of God is heard and life is again bestowed upon man.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 12)


Powerful weapon
Conquering cities of hearts
Love of One True God


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