What’s the difference between a homeless man and a guy in a suit?
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No difference.
Both of them are children of God.
Each of them has intelligence.
God loves them as He loves all other human beings.
In the past, people may have thought of the ridiculous difference between a poor person and a rich one, a fettered man and free one, a happy employer and a jobless one, by mysterious destiny. But today, we know that such appearances are changing rapidly at any time.
In the end, each of these human souls will reach the high summit of glory, according to their own choice to think good, to say good and to do good. Or they may fall into consuming fire by choosing otherwise.
Throughout all worlds, there are only one God, one divine education and one mankind. And by free choice, a number reach the reunion with God, and the remaining keep on wandering in the wilderness of ignorance, until when they rethink and repent.
Yes, all people are equally loving children of God.

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Abdul-Baha says:

Action is the essential. Inasmuch as this century is a century of light, capacity for action is assured to mankind. Necessarily the divine principles will be spread among men until the time of action arrives. Surely this has been so and truly the time and conditions are ripe for action now. All men know that verily war is the destroyer of human foundations and in every country of the world this is admitted and apparent. I find the United States of America an exceedingly progressive nation, the government just, the people in a state of readiness and the principle of equality established to an extraordinary degree.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 26)

All people know God
By divine education
Conscious obedience


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