What is Holiness?
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Divine relation to God.
We have Holy Day, Holy Land, Holy Family….
Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, so all are holy. We can lose this holiness, when we cease to divinely relate to Him. A person who sincerely sacrifies his life like Christ is holy; while he who claims to be Christian without doing God’s Will is depriving himself his own station.
No values attributed by men can be considered as holy. A person may do all the good things for the happiness of a great majority of people is not holy, if he does so for his physical or spiritual interest. A holy man may not know that he is holy – because he realizes that he is utter nothingness before God.
We will only have true Holy Land on earth only when it is established according to the command of God for His praise.
The Holy Spirit is the Maker of all things holy.

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Abdul-Baha says:

I swear by the Sun of the Horizon of Holiness that the friends of God never have regarded nor will regard the earth or its transitory riches. God hath ever regarded the hearts of [His] servants, and this too is by reason of [His] most great favor, that perchance mortal souls may be cleansed and sanctified from earthly states and may attain unto everlasting places. But that Real King is in Himself sufficient unto Himself [and independent] of all: neither doth any advantage accrue to Him from the love of contingent beings, nor doth any hurt befall Him from their hatred.
(Abdu’l-Baha, A Traveller’s Narrative, p. 64)


The Holy Spirit
Creating all things holy
With God’s qualities


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