Are you worthy for a king/queen?
Tell me why..
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Kings and queens are no longer extraordinary people. Today, we know that all human beings are equal and each individual is unique. Each can develop herself/himself to become presidents or prime ministers, or kings or queens in any old and new fields of human activities. In the sight of God, it is hard to say who is the best human being among Salomon, Ananda, Hillary Clinton, Socrates, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfreh, Steve Jobs, Van Gogh, or some unknown soldeirs or peasants on earth throughout history.
The worth of man is not getting some high classification in society, but in developing his own potentialites for the service to the human race and betterment of the world. And God alone is the final and perfect Judge.
I compare mself to no one. I thankfully live as a loyal child of God among His equally noble children.

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Abdul-Baha says:

My hope is that in this enlightened century the Divine Light of love will shed its radiance over the whole world, seeking out the responsive heart’s intelligence of every human being; that the light of the Sun of Truth will lead politicians to shake off all the claims of prejudice and superstition, and with freed minds to follow the Policy of God: for Divine Politics are mighty, man’s politics are feeble! God has created all the world, and bestows His Divine Bounty upon every creature.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 150)


Human kings and queens
Equal in the love of God
Serving through His Cause


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