What interests you in life?
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I want to know God.
I want to know man.
I want to know the world.
I want to know all things and their mysteries.
I look for it at school, in life, in books, on Internet. Years ago I thought I know something to apply in my life and to share to other people. Then I realized that, I really know nothing. I look for the meaning and purpose of life in more thinking, in dreams, in exchanging views with other learners.
Now, I attain the knowledge that I cannot know anything. I cannot tell other peole how to live meaningfully and happily. Even definition of meaning and happiness is still confusing.
In sum, I tell myself that I am happy for keeping on seeking knowledge in God. He may someday take off the veil between me and the reality of life. Perhaps other people are still confusing like me. They search, they dispute, they learn, they think, they fight, they live in personal contentment and die in some high level civilization.
My happiness now is placing all things in God’s guidance.

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Baha’u’llah says:

The signs and tokens of the Truth shine even as the midday sun, and yet the people are wandering, aimlessly and perplexedly, in the wilderness of ignorance and folly. Notwithstanding all the verses of the Qur’án, and the recognized traditions, which are all indicative of a new Faith, a new Law, and a new Revelation, this generation still waiteth in expectation of beholding the promised One who should uphold the Law of the Muhammadan Dispensation. The Jews and the Christians in like manner uphold the same contention.
(Baha’u’llah, The Kitab-i-Iqan, p. 239)


God the Omniscient
Teaches me divine knowledge
That I never know


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