What should I do this weekend?

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I don’t know about your circumstances and interests, so I cannot give suggestions.
For myself, I always have exciting things to do everyday. I answer questions on EP, I write articles on WordPress.com, I like and share quotations and pictures on Facebook… I also read books and plant flowers.
For this coming weekend (April 26-27), I meet my happy co-religionists who come from abroad and throughout the country for our National Convention, which marks 60 years the Baha’i Faith being introduced into Vietnam and 50 years for the establishment of our National Spiritual Assembly. Lots of touching memories will be recounted in these special days of our Holy Ridvan (from April 21 to May 2).
I am thankful to God for giving us new joys in this new Cycle of human maturity. I am thankful to Baha’u’llah for the renewed Divine Education.

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The Bab says:

Those who are given vision by God are indeed those who know the truth and are not withheld from it by the veils of polytheists. They see the lights of the Kingdom as they see the sun in the midst of the sky. Are they not indeed of the people of the Presence? Blessed is he who flings the world away and mounts the Red Ark through the Lord of the Names. Is he not of the people of Baha?
(Compilations, Baha’i Scriptures, p. 67)


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