As a parent, would you (or do you) allow your 13 – 15 year old teen on here?
There seem to be a lot of younger teens on here. Would you (or do you) allow your own under 16 year old on EP?
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I encourage people of all age to use the Internet. Human beings need to develop their minds for building a higher and higher civilization on earth, and the Internet is the best means.
Parents, teachers, caretakers… should help little kids to make choice, instead of preventing them from doing this or doing that. They are not robots, but they are intelligent beings who will advance through tests of the true and the false.
The use and the development of the Internet is the greatest step in the collective progress of the human race on earth.
My children and grandchildren use wisely the Internet.

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Abdul-Baha says:

All religious rites and ceremonies, when adhered to, become the cause of destruction and struggle. Look at the war in the Balkans. Can you imagine anything more terrible? Men have arisen against their brothers and both armies think they act in accordance with principle. If each side would put into practice the true principles of its own religion, there could be no further strife.
This is the day when dogmas must be sacrificed in our search for truth.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 67)


In civilized world
All human rights observed
By and for people


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