Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful?
Asked by Hamyamyak 18-21, F 12 Answers 19 mins ago in Community

Reply By Me

Pity for you for not knowing that you are always young and beautiful.
My wife is 74 and I still admire her youth and beauty.
I am 78 and my wife still actively supports my activities.
We will never become old and ugly.
We are not exceptional. Mature human beings today know that they are not affected by nature like monkeys, but they can master their life by spirituality, which is the true nature of humans.
Buddha says that all things come from the mind.
Christ says that what is born of spirit is spirit.
Today, Baha’u’llah says: Man must be considered as the greater world.
No sages, no thinkers, no philosophers… can discover any realities greater than the omniscient Revelation of Buddha, Christ, Baha’u’llah….
Now, more and more people are becoming conscious about God, the Holy Spirit and His Prophets. All God’s children are spiritual beings.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

This is a brilliant century. Eyes are now open to the beauty of the oneness of humanity, of love and of brotherhood. The darkness of suppression will disappear and the light of unity will shine. We cannot bring love and unity to pass merely by talking of it. Knowledge is not enough. Wealth, science, education are good, we know: but we must also work and study to bring to maturity the fruit of knowledge.
Knowledge is the first step; resolve, the second step; action, its fulfillment, is the third step.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Abdu’l-Baha in London, p. 54)


Knowledge the first step
Volition the second step
Action fulfilling


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