what will it take to make you happy?
Asked By HeWhoSmiles 22-25, M in Community

Reply By Me

I am happy unconditionally.
I am happy with comfort and happy with hardship.
I am happy with work and happy with joblessness.
I am happy with friends and happy while being alone.
I really don’t know why a human being cannot be happy?
Monkey may be unhappy, because it cannot solve problems; but we humans can use our rational sense to modify all things.
I know that our world is full of sufferings and many people cannot solve their problems. They are forced to evacuate from war, others have to bear guns for fighting and others still are sold on all sorts of slave markets!… And it seems that oppressors are happier than their victims.
However, I see that all will be changed radically, when oppressors repent and victims learn to overcome difficulties by knowing that true happiness of man is not surrendering to nature, but in learning to obey the counsels of God.
My faith is stronger with the maturity of human mind and with universal education thanks to modern means of communication.
Hell or heaven today is the product of man’s work.

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New Addition For This Post

Baha’u’llah says:

Blessed is the man who hath detached himself from all else but Me, hath soared in the atmosphere of My love, hath gained admittance into My Kingdom, gazed upon My realms of glory, quaffed the living waters of My bounty, hath drunk his fill from the heavenly river of My loving providence, acquainted himself with My Cause, apprehended that which I concealed within the treasury of My Words, and hath shone forth from the horizon of divine knowledge engaged in My praise and glorification.
-Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 17-


Happy God’s children
Obeying Father’s counsels
Harm to heedless ones


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