“It’s not enough that i succeed, others should fail”
Lol thoughts?
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Nobody succeeds, nobody fails.
In a beauty contest, the beauty queen is considered as success and others as failure.
In doing business, billionaires are considered as success and the poor ones failure.
In writing books, bestselling authors are successful, others are thought as failed….
But no one knows how is the life of the successful and and the unsuccessful. Success is only results of short moments, while the lasting felicity of unknown people cannot be discovered or measured.
I succeed in no fields of human activities, and I never fail. I never feel disappointed, I never wish to get the results won by other people.
The true purpose of man is to know and to love God. And the success or failure of each individual is only known at the last breath by oneself, and indeed by God. All glories attributed by men to men are of no use.
God wants us to glory Him, not because He desires man’s estimation; but He wants man to think and to be thankful.
We don’t succeed and we don’t fail while we are still alive.

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Baha’u’llah says:

The sincere soul longeth for nearness to God even as the suckling babe yearneth for its mother’s breast, nay more ardent is his longing, could ye but know it! Again, his longing is even as the panting of one sore athirst after the living waters of grace, or the yearning of the sinner for forgiveness and mercy. Thus do We expound unto you the mysteries of the Cause, and impart unto you what shall render you independent of all that hath so far occupied you, that perchance ye may enter the Court of Holiness within this exalted Paradise.
(Baha’u’llah, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, p. 205)


Purpose of man’s life
Taught by all Prophets of God
Supreme felicity


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