Three things you cannot live without?
Chocolate Cheesecake Peanut Butter)
Asked By LadyLouisiana 56-60, F in Community

Reply By Me

Knowledge, Love, Light.
Light is really essential. Without light, there would be no physical as well as spiritual life.
However, life also appears as boring without love. All sentiments are expressed because of love. Love is the foundation of art, of invention, of civilization.
And still, without knowledge, we may not know the value of life and love. And we would act blindly against the beauty of love.
Hence, all kids need to be taught in physical, human and divine education, in order that they will enjoy their journey back to God as He has decreed for them.
We are all very fortunate to be born in this Age of human maturity that all things are taught to all people via Internet. In the olden days, many people were deprived of education due to lack of instant and universal communication.
Woeful be to people who choose to live in ignorance.

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New Addition For This Post

Baha’u’llah says:

Love Me, that I may love thee. If thou lovest Me not, My love can in no wise reach thee. Know this, O servant.
(Baha’u’llah, The Arabic Hidden Words)


Knowing love of God
And loving Him sincerely
That’s most happy life


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