If you had to choose between a meaningless life with a meaningful death or a meaningful life with a meaningless ending..
which would you choose?
Asked By Modiwolfshit 41-45, M 10 Answers 27 mins ago in Community

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Meaningful ending.
God allows us to make all good and bad choices during our life and to repent not later than our last breath. The last breath makes us a sinner or a saint.
I cannot distinguish good from bad, right from wrong, glory from shame, until the age of 24, when I learn that obedience to God is positive and dsiobedience to Him is negative.
And since then, I used to regret for seeing that I am still disobedient in many occasions. Now, at 78, I try many ways to be sincerely obedient, by praying, meditating, doing good, and I am not hundred percent sure about my last breath. I am asking friends and relatives to keep on assisting me with prayers, as I also pray for them.
I am thankful to God for education and friends for prayers.
Life and death is not an easy choice; it is an endlessly hard struggle against our lower self.

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Shoghi Effendi says:

Grieve at passing of dearly loved, highly admired, greatly trusted, staunch, indefatigable, self-sacrificing teacher, pillar of Faith, Saffa Kinney. His leonine spirit, exemplary steadfastness, notable record of services enriched annals of closing period of Heroic Age and opening phase of Formative Age of Bahá’í Dispensation. Beautiful reward assured in Abha Kingdom beneath the shadow of the Master he loved so dearly, served so nobly, defended so heroically until last breath.
(Shoghi Effendi, Citadel of Faith, p. 166)


Life quite meaningful
Under Omnipotent God
Father all mankind


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