Why is life so confusing?
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Because God loves human beings as His living children.
Other creatures need not to develop their brains, so all things are simple to them. They exist, they die, they lay silently in dust.
We are endowed with the rational sense to unravel the mysteries in innumerable worlds of God, so that we can duly appreciate His divine love.
With God’s guidance, we are learning to get into higher and higher planes of certitude.
We know that the world of creation is boundless. We know that the world of revelation is beyond time and space. We know that God loves us, and we are learning how to love Him more nobly, more spiritually, more beautifully. And His education will lead us to higher and higher state of blissfulness.
We will make tremendous progress in our eternally happy life. Childish feeling of confusion will vanish and mature love will develop in undescribable glory of God.

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Abdul-Baha says:

All the Prophets of God, including Jesus Christ, appeared in the world for the education of humanity, to develop immature souls into maturity, to transform the ignorant of mankind into the knowing, thereby establishing love and unity through divine education and training. The Prophets have not come to cause discord and enmity. For God has wished all good for His servants, and he who wishes the servants of God evil is against God; he has not obeyed the will and emulated the example of God; he has followed Satanic leadings and footprints. The attributes of God are love and mercy; the attribute of Satan is hate. T
(Abdu’l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 40)


With rational sense
Man finds compassionate God
Thankfully loves Him


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