why did you join this site ?
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Reply By Me

Because I want to enter conversation with all people about all matters concerning the noble life of human beings.
Many people are still living in misery, in confusion, in hopelessness….
I feel happy with my faith in God.
I wish that, through daily and friendly conversation, more and more people will turn to God and enjoy the benefits of His divine guidance. Nobody can give us true knowledge and wisdom except God.
We need to get knowledge concerning our own selves.
We need to get knowledge concerning God and His love.
We need to get a life of joy, of freedom, of happiness, and probably of immortality and progress on the physical as well as on the spiritual realms.
Up here we have many websites and many people of good will who may open our minds to new information, new inventions and new discoveries, for understanding and consentment.
I am really happy with this immense forum for a better life.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

It is evident that we have two modes for the expression of life, – individuality and personality, – the former becomes as the son of God and the latter the son of man. As we have shown, the personality of some is illumined, that of others is dark; the personality of some is seen in the manifestation of divine justice, while that of others is the embodiment of tyranny. The personality of some is divine guidance made visible, while that of others is choked in the veils of self and desire.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 132)


With divine guidance
Man attaining consentment
For a better world


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