would you legalize marijuana? um no…
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Never. Intoxicated substances such as narcotics, alcohol, tobacco… should be forbidden, because they kill man’s body and mind. All arguments for legalizating them are against human dignity and social health.
I know that all laws cannot protect human societies from evils or vices. Man’s intelligence can break social as well as natural laws. The human world will be well transformed with divine education, in which mature human beings make their wise choices with full resposibility. This is not by fear of legal sanctions, but by the tranquility of one’s conscience.
Wishing that education will lead to closure of all prisons.

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Abdul-Baha says:

Know that there are two kinds of torment: subtile and gross. For example, ignorance itself is a torment, but it is a subtile torment; indifference to God is itself a torment; so also are falsehood, cruelty and treachery. All the imperfections are torments, but they are subtile torments. Certainly for an intelligent man death is better than sin, and a cut tongue is better than lying or calumny.
The other kind of torment is gross — such as penalties, imprisonment, beating, expulsion and banishment. But for the people of God separation from God is the greatest torment of all.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 265)


Believers of God
Fear separation from Him
Even more than death


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