What are you really good at?
Asked By sneha9951 16-17, F in Community

Reply By me

Nothing, really.
I am not good at thinking. I don’t think that I can win any thinker on any subjects concerning man and the world.
I am not good at speaking. Perhaps I will never be able to give a public talk on YouTube, TED or on a local TV.
I am not good at doing things. I have not got any compliments in anything I do in my long life, including the answering questions or writing articles on various Websites.
Perhaps, the good thing of my life is in knowing that I am not good; so I keep on learning and redoing my life to please God. I am not regretful for this, because God does not ask me to be better than any people. My job before Him is to make constant correction of my thinking, speaking and doing things according to His standard. And He will surely be my final Judge.
And I keep on praying for His forgiveness.

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New Addition For This Post

The Bab says:

Were a man to rear in this world as many edifices as possible and worship God through every virtuous deed which God’s knowledge embraceth, and attain the presence of the Lord, and were he, even to a measure less than that which is accountable before God, to bear in his heart a trace of malice towards Me, all his deeds would be reduced to naught and he would be deprived of the glances of God’s favour, become the object of His wrath and assuredly perish.
(The Bab, Selections from the Writings of the Bab, p. 11)


Only God is good
Man is learning to know this
And to worship Him


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