if you had the chance to do one thing on this earth (anything) what would you do?
Or have you already done it?
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Reply By Me

Worshipping God.
This I do always, past, present and future.
This I know billions of people have done throughout history.
This many and many more people will do in the future, for their own happiness and for the happiness of human beings from time immemorial to all eternity.
I see here and there on the Internet, the individual and collective activities of man, are for the fulfilment of the Will of God: Love, Unity, Peace.
Positive trend in science and religion is dominating the virtual world.
Globalization in collective efforts for civilization, for prosperity, for progress … is clear in the vision of influential people.
It is really good that we are born in this Age of human maturity.

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Abdul-Baha says:

The people of universal mind recognize in this plan the symbol of assurance that we are at the beginning of the golden age that prophets and poets have depicted in song and fable. The people who have come in contact with this spirit of the age hold that the time has come when the highest concepts of man are to be realized and become part and parcel of every nation’s fabric. With glowing faces these people tell of future ideals based on justice.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 12)


I love worshipping God
Together with His children
For His good pleasure


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