What is the best way to do good for the world we live in?
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Getting proper education.
Without education, we cannot know what is good and how to do good.
For education, we have three types. Physical education gives us knowledge for development of skills for livelihood. Human education provides knowledge for social organization and governence. Spiritual education establishes our relation to God the Creator to understand and to implement the Will of God, which is standard of all good. From time immemorial, this education was given by God, and it is now become universal to each and all individuals, via Internet.
More and more people are learning and serving the good of our planet earth. And this will some become evident to all eyes.


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Abdul-Baha says:

This physical world of man is subject to the power of the lusts, and sin is the consequence of this power of the lusts, for it is not subject to the laws of justice and holiness. The body of man is a captive of nature; it will act in accordance with whatever nature orders. It is, therefore, certain that sins such as anger, jealousy, dispute, covetousness, avarice, ignorance, prejudice, hatred, pride and tyranny exist in the physical world. All these brutal qualities exist in the nature of man. A man who has not had a spiritual education is a brute.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 119)


We want a good world
All can enjoy happy life
By education


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