Happy? Who the heck is “happy?” Are you….happy?
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I am happy always, and I think that all people can reach this condition.
Some people are unhappy, only because they don’t see the good aspects of things in their daily life. This insight can be reached just by objectively rethinking.
I am happy with the good functioning of my computer. Suddenly, the power is out, I become unhappy for not being able to enjoy sweet music while answering this question. I rethink, and I tell myself whether there is any better thing to do at this moment. I read some pages of a favorite book, then my mind become pleasant again.
With my positive training of mind, I know that God is good, I keep on looking for positive aspects of things in all conditions at all time, and I never get stuck in any unpleasant circumstances.
I am thankful to God for giving all mankind the power of thinking and the power of making good choice.
Let us start with mastering our mind.


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Abdul-Baha says:

Since I arrived in Paris, it has given me much pleasure to meet such Parisians as you are, for praise be to God, you are intelligent, unprejudiced, and you long to know the truth. You have in your hearts the love of humanity, and as far as you are able, you exert yourselves in the cause of charitable work and in the bringing about of unity; this is especially what Bahá’u’lláh desired.
It is for this reason that I am so happy to be among you, and I pray for you, that you may be receptacles for the Blessings of God, and that you may be the means of spreading spirituality throughout this country.
You already have a wonderful material civilization and in like manner shall spiritual civilization be yours.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 134)


God loves His children
He bestows only good things
For them to enjoy


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