What are three things you cannot leave your house without?

Asked By tostai 18-21, F in Community

Reply By Me

ID Card, Money, iPhone.
For me now, three essential things are: Remembrance of God, Thought of Love and Service for World Peace.
ID Card, Money, iPhone … may not secure my life eternal. Remembrance of God, Thought of Love and Service for World Peace will ascertain my reunion with God in His good pleasure.
All human beings exist with three main parts: physical, mental and divine. Usually, we only remember the care of our physical body, while in reality, we are soul to make spiritual progress with physical, human and divine education. Forgetfulness of this reality will cause true loss to our spiritual life as children of God.
Today, with connection to Internet, via iPhone or iPad, we can redo our learning for the development of our spirit now and then in the eternal realm of God.
I am thankful to God for His Divine Education.

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New Addition For This Post

Baha’u’llah says:

Delight not yourselves in the things of the world and its vain ornaments, neither set your hopes on them. Let your reliance be on the remembrance of God, the Most Exalted, the Most Great. He will, erelong, bring to naught all the things ye possess. Let Him be your fear, and forget not His covenant with you, and be not of them that are shut out as by a veil from Him.
(Baha’u’llah, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, p. 202)


Man’s spiritual life
Exists in God’s good pleasure
By doing His Will


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