I’m sorry, I don’t believe you
Asked By zzpop 41-45, M in Community
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That is good, because only God should be the Object of man’s belief.
God alone can give us all what we need to live as His children. Only God understands us and only He can give us education and training to thankfully make progress in His innumerable worlds. He is the only Compassionate Father Who patiently forgives all our sins. Wishing that all individuals making investigation of truth independently for eternal reunion with their Heavenly Father.
Because of His boundless love, God creates all things known and unknown for our training, education and spiritual progress. Let us listen to His call and never deprive ourselves of this divine favor.
I am thankful to God for guiding you and me and other siblings of ours back to Him.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:
“Men are fighting for the possession of the earth. They fight for that which becomes their graves, their cemeteries, their tombs.
In reality all are members of one human family — children of one Heavenly Father. Humanity may be likened unto the vari-colored flowers of one garden. There is unity in diversity. Each sets off and enhances the other’s beauty.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 25)

Men fight for their tombs
For not knowing their Father
Who loves and guides all


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