What makes you so special?
I genuinely want to know. Why do you think you’re special.

Asked By SonofSomebody 22-25, M in Embarrassing & Funny
Reply By Me
I think I am special, because I know that each of all human beings is special. We differ by nature, by heredity and by education.
It is correctly said that there are no two similar drops of water in nature. On theory each drop is composed of oxygen and hydrogen, but each contains different elements from environment.
Human beings, besides complicated composition, is changing tremendously through conditions and ways of life. Then education makes each one into the weirdest devil or the wisest angels. And this transmutation or transformation keeps on varying without end. Because of this, no man can imitate and become exactly like an other man. The unlearned person may not change much, but the educated man may become some marvelously intelligent being without precedence.
This is why human beings can cooperate with one another to build a more and more advanced civilization on earth. And each may enjoy his happiness in various aspects of love, unity, peace…..
I am thankful to God for favoring man with free will to make independent choices under His most powerful guidance.
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New Addition For This Post
Abdul-Baha says:
Not all, however, will be able to engage in these advanced studies. Therefore, such children must be sent to industrial schools where they can also acquire technical skills, and once the child becomes proficient in such a skill, then let consideration be given to the child’s own preference and inclinations. If a child hath a liking for commerce, then let him choose commerce; if industry, then industry; if for higher education, then the advancement of knowledge; if for some other of the responsibilities of humankind, then that. Let him be placed in the field for which he hath an inclination, a desire, and a talent.
But the indispensable basis of all is that he should develop spiritual characteristics and the praiseworthy virtues of humankind.
(Abdul-Baha, The Compilation of Compilations vol. I, p. 281)

Intelligent mind
Makes man completely special
In the sight of God


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