Is It Okay To Have Younger Friends?

i don’t have many friends.. but recently ive started hanging out with this group of people.. different ages really. i’m 18. Their age range is something like 14 – 20. 14 year olds i would have thought are a bit young for me. but they act so much older, and i’m not the oldest person there. So is that ok?


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Age, race, nationalities…are of no problems, because all mature people are very agreeable.

We are now living in a complete New Era, THE ERA OF HUMAN MATURITY.

For long centuries, our ancestors were confined within barriers of selves, races, nationalities, traditions and prejudices. They were dominated by individuals such as fathers, teachers, kings. Now, all the old idols have fallen, and we attach to artificially new idols with no world vision. The new idols have neither authority of the old, nor wisdom of our modern societies with global problems.

Our Era is the Era of human maturity. We see clearly that no king can obtain the loyalty of all the citizens in the country. We form institutions, such as governments with legislative, executive and judiciary branches, but they have not yet gained the real authority as the monarchies in the olden days. Most citizens are more clever than government officials to think and act differently. This causes the wrong feeling or belief of anarchism.

The democratic and republic governments in the world today are truly established by individual citizens through elections. So we need urgently a proper education for each citizen to participate in the election as well as in all other public affairs with due knowledge and responsibility. The welfare of the country is not a specialty of politicians, but it is the highest ideal of all citizens. Otherwise, conflicts between governments and citizens will become very, very fatal.

Today, there are no longer the governors on the heads of the governed, but only representative institutions formed by all and supported by all citizens. All officials are temporary representatives of the people, by the people and for the people, to take charge of the national and international affairs. Then better representatives will be elected in the successive terms. Rewards and punishments are regulated by laws. The world will be governed not by individuals, but by laws.

Rich and advanced countries have tried to assist the developing countries in the administrative matters, but these efforts are far from sufficient. There is still greater need for the administrators to provide universal education to all people, not only in traditional schools, but in all sorts of gatherings with all modern means of communications. The better this task is performed, the greater will be the hope of this world. Yes, we are mature, we are more knowledgeable, we are more patient…why can we not organize our world at its best?

I firmly believe that this can be done, because it is disclosed in the Sacred Scriptures that the Will of God is to usher in the Golden Age on this planet, and this is truly the desire of the mature people, who realize that they are rational beings. They love the happiness for themselves and for all mankind.

And maturity is not defined by age, but by vision, comprehension and action.



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Abdul-Baha says:

“The people of universal mind recognize in this plan the symbol of assurance that we are at the beginning of the golden age that prophets and poets have depicted in song and fable. The people who have come in contact with this spirit of the age hold that the time has come when the highest concepts of man are to be realized and become part and parcel of every nation’s fabric. With glowing faces these people tell of future ideals based on justice. They speak of international laws as yet untranslated into our language which are to govern the world after wars have ceased.

A new chapter in the life of the planet has been opened.”

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 12)



Life of the planet

Now totally changing

Into earth country


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