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Our true nationality is mankind.
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I like very much your suggestion.
Today, there are thousands of good quotations on the Internet, but I think that what you bring up here is most essential and most urgent: Our true nationality is mankind.
Without understanding and conducting a new life based on this concept, we will never be able to solve the world problems and building a better world for generations to come.
No nations, from America the richest to China the most populated, can deal with the global warming, the extreme disparity of wealth and poverty, the arm race and threat of nuclear war!….
Yes, we must know first that we are truly brothers and sisters in a spiritual family, then consulting with one another in love and unity, various national and global problems, to deal with them for the benefits of the whole human race.
Wishing that mature human beings can think about this and finding out most feasible solutions.
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New Addition For This Post
Baha’u’llah says:
“Were man to appreciate the greatness of his station and the loftiness of his destiny he would manifest naught save goodly character, pure deeds, and a seemly and praiseworthy conduct. If the learned and wise men of goodwill were to impart guidance unto the people, the whole earth would be regarded as one country. Verily this is the undoubted truth. This Servant appealeth to every diligent and enterprising soul to exert his utmost endeavour and arise to rehabilitate the conditions in all regions and to quicken the dead with the living waters of wisdom and utterance, by virtue of the love he cherisheth for God, the One, the Peerless, the Almighty, the Beneficent.”
(Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 172)


Earth but one country
For mature human beings
Enjoy Paradise


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