I Wish People Were Kinder To Each Other
I wish EVERYONE no matter where they came from believed in God, got in touch with the spirit he gave us all and acted in his image
Asked By gardengirl17 22-25, F in Health

Reply By Me
I also wish the same thing dearly.
But we cannot do anything to turn that wish into reality.
Who is God? Why and how should we believe? There is no way to show this to man’s eyes or man’s brain.
It is harder to understand spirit and image of God!
There are thousands of Scriptures, billions of believers, and perhaps trillions of interpretations, but truth appears as an unfathomable mystery.
After all thinking, praying, meditating for over half a century, I find out that faith in God is a completely personal matter. God gives all people the intelligence and free will for their noble choice; who sincerely searches may find as God has promised through His Messengers; people who don’t care, nobody can help them.
I will keep on thinking about this greatest subject of the noble human life.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

“We ask God to endow human souls with justice so that they may be fair, and may strive to provide for the comfort of all, that each member of humanity may pass his life in the utmost comfort and welfare. Then this material world will become the very paradise of the Kingdom, this elemental earth will be in a heavenly state and all the servants of God will live in the utmost joy, happiness and gladness. We must all strive and concentrate all our thoughts in order that such happiness may accrue to the world of humanity.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 42)

God closer than veins
Farthest beyond time and space
How can we reach Him?


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