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You want to see the invisible? Watch love in your heart.

You want corresponding to the world? See this answer to your question.

You want to be rich? Tell me the cost of your intelligence.

You want inner peace? Have full trust in God.

You want to witness world peace? Think good, say good and do good.

In reality, God gives us the power to do miracles.

He allows us make the choice to die or to live eternally in His love, and no one can interfere in this. He allows us to swim like fish, to fly like bird, to appear brightly like the sun or to disappear completely like angels. He allows us to turn this planet into hell or heaven. God is truly compassionate, generous and faithful to His promise.

Amidst tons of probably insurmountable difficulties, we have achieved national sovereignty which is opening the way to planetary unity. Our ancestors might not understand what is nationality as we may not know what will be world commonwealth. But, we can now see our future more easily than our ancestors, because we have world encompassing vision, digital planning, universal interactivity. Just think good, say good and do good, then we will witness good result.

Yes, God gives us the power to do miracles.



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Abdul-Baha says:

FOUNDATIONS OF WORLD UNITY  “There is not one soul whose conscience does not testify that in this day there is no more important matter in the world than that of Universal Peace. Every just one bears witness to this and adores that esteemed Assembly [1] because its aim is that this darkness may be turned into light, this bloodthirstiness into kindness, this torment into bliss, this hardship into ease and this enmity and hatred into fellowship and love. Therefore the effort of those esteemed souls is worthy of praise and commendation.” [1 The members of the Central Organization for a Durable Peace, The Hague; to whom this Tablet was sent in reply to several letters.]

(Abdu’l-Baha, Foundations of World Unity, p. 27)



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Man’s glorious destiny

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