Do You Know When The Time Is Right?

Asked By elyay2001 36-40, M in Community
Reply By Me
Now is the ripe (right) time for relearning.
The right time for changing one’s heart.
The right time to enjoy true happiness.
All controversial ideologies are now available on the Internet, so we can use our mature mind to select the most reasonable one for thinking, rethinking and conducting our life independently to its betterment. And our happiness is only the resulting consequence of this new life.
The world will remain confusing as usual with its complicated laws and principles, but our transparent mind can tell us the peace from within.
For other people, this “now moment” may come tomorrow, day after tomorrow or next century. But for you now clearly means the eternal now beyond time and space.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:
“Now is the early dawn; ere long the effulgent sun shall rise an station itself in the meridian of its majesty. Then ye shall observe the effects — then ye shall behold what heavenly illumination has become manifest — then ye shall comprehend that these are the infinite bestowals of God — then ye shall realize that this world has become another world and ye shall perceive the divine instructions, universally spread.
The teachings of His Holiness Baha’u’llah, like unto the spirit, shall penetrate the dead body of the world and like unto an artery shall beat through the heart of the five continents.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 37)
Now is the right time
Conducting our happy life
To eternity


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