What is your wildest dream?

Asked By wiredforfun2 18-21, F in Community
Reply By Me
Destroying all bad people: I want to live only with good people.
While thinking of how to realize that stupid dream, I find out so many interesting things.
The first man to be annihilated is me, because I am the worst person.
I hate bad people, that sentiment darkens my mind! I have not been able to perform any good actions that I love: I feed no child, I cure no sick people, I shelter no refugee, I help not a suffering person, I send no kid to school!!! I dare not bring my bad life to destruction, by relying on some selfish arguments: I will repent, I will make money, I will make positive contribution to world betterment!…
So, I allow myself to exist as a heavier and heavier burden to society as an elder, with more diseases, more pessimism, more dependence on younger people!
I am thankful to all good people who allow me to exist this long!

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:
“ … it is clear that creation is purely good. Consider that the worst of qualities and most odious of attributes, which is the foundation of all evil, is lying. No worse or more blameworthy quality than this can be imagined to exist; it is the destroyer of all human perfections and the cause of innumerable vices. There is no worse characteristic than this; it is the foundation of all evils.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 215)

Great Peace achieved by
Not my punishing the world
But my repenting


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