Why do men always need to prove their strength?
Asked By badazzbasicbich 18-21, F in Community
Reply By Me
Because they are weak.
They cannot make a living blade of grass.
They cannot control the weather.
They cannot conduct a happy life.
They want help, they want support, they want encouragement… and they wrongly think that people will only come to cooperate with strong people. So, they try to show strength for attraction of other weak people.
And the vice circle keeps on existing with weak people following the so-called strong people to total failure! This is the way of war after war, poverty after poverty, confusion after confusion.
Some day, we will have awakened people, who become strong, struggling against their own faults, their own desires, their own waywardness, to silently conduct a happy life. And one by one, they will become like yeast to leaven the old world. The community of weak people will unitedly build the paradise on earth by the Will and Power of God.
Yes, maturity will spiritually strengthen weak human beings.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:

“O Thou Lord of the Kingdom! Though our bodies be gathered here together, yet our spellbound hearts are carried away by Thy love, and yet are we transported by the rays of Thy resplendent face. Weak though we be, we await the revelations of Thy might and power. Poor though we be, with neither goods nor means, still take we riches from the treasures of Thy Kingdom. Drops though we be, still do we draw from out Thy ocean deeps. Motes though we be, still do we gleam in the glory of Thy splendid Sun.”
(Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha’i Prayers, p. 137)

Weak human beings
Need spiritual empowerment
To serve Cause of God


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