Which came first the chicken or the egg
Asked By cryptic1987 26-30, M in Community
Reply By Me
I love to answer this question, although I know for sure that no answers can satisfy you and more difficult to satisfy all other thinking beings!
Nobody exists at the beginning of the universe, hence no people can have any answers for anything.
It is not reasonable to say that only God exists at the beginning. Because, in this case He is King without a Kingdom. If all things are there with Him in the same time, then He is not Creator.
I see that one male chicken and one female chicken exist first, then they produce the living egg. But I never see one male egg and one female egg that produce a chicken. So, I conclude that one male chicken and one female chicken must come first.
I know one Person Who can answer convincingly all questions, and I am happy to ask Him all the time. He is the Holy Spirit. Praying for you to meet Him in your life. People who don’t know Him disagree with one another. People who know Him are in complete unity, not only of thought but also of action.

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New Addition For This Post

Abdul-Baha says:
“Now we need an Educator who will be at the same time a material, human and spiritual Educator, and Whose authority will be effective in all conditions. So if anyone should say, “I possess perfect comprehension and intelligence, and I have no need of such an educator,” he would be denying that which is clear and evident, as though a child should say, “I have no need of education; I will act according to my reason and intelligence, and so I shall attain the perfections of existence”; or as though the blind should say, “I am in no need of sight, because many other blind people exist without difficulty.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 8)

Intelligent man
Gets perfect education
From Holy Spirit


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