Do you enjoy life?

Asked By MyLifeJourney3 22-25, M in Community
Reply By Me
Yes, I enjoy life with thankfulness.
I enjoy good food.
I enjoy good sleep.
I enjoy surfing Internet.
I enjoy good friendship.
All moments of life, all circumstances, all developments in life bring me joy, hope and contentment.
I want all other people to enjoy life much more than me. The more they study the counsels of God, practice them and spreading them, the more they will realize that God is good and His creation is good. All negative feelings are only the consequences of denial of this divine knowledge.
I believe that all my friends are testimonies of this reality.

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New Addition For This Post
Abdul-Baha says:

May our eyes be ever awake; may the windows of our minds be flung awide, so that when the messenger appeareth, we may not be deprived of his glory through the veils of preconceived ideas; so that when the heavenly herald shouts the word of God, we may not be deaf; so that when the holy fragrance of the paradise of the Almighty be diffused, our nostrils may not be afflicted with cold. May we be enabled to inhale the perfume, behold the splendor, hearken to the voice and be regenerated with the spirit of the new day.
Then our life will be revivified, we shall enjoy eternal existence, be refreshed with the breath of the Holy Spirit and become informed of the mysteries of creation.
(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 171)

I enjoy good food
And thankfully good counsels
Given me by God


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