Do you plan on having kids one day? If so how many?

I don’t want kids at all personally.

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Reply By Me

I plan to have more than 9 children, but I have only three. My parents had seven.

I did not know how hard to raise children, to educate them, to protect them from suffering and from other perils on earth.

Now, if I have to remake my life, I will do as my parents and as I did.

But each of my children have his/her own plan.

Each of my grandchildren may have other plans, some may want to have many children and others may want none. I cannot tell whose plan is the best.

Now, looking back on the happy days of my life, I think that we better have the master plan for our personal life, then making more plans based on it.

For me, the master plan is to find God. Once having God, He guides me to make satisfactory plans for other things, such as education, building family, serving society, living in harmony with natural, human and divine laws. This seems better than making plans basing on no firm foundation.

Good luck to you.



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Shoghi Effendi says:

“We find God only through the Intermediary of His Prophet. We see the Perfection of God in His Prophets. Time and space are physical things, God, the Creator is not in a ‘place’ as we conceive of place in physical terms. God is the Infinite Essence, the Creator. We cannot picture Him or His state; if we did, we would be His equals, not His Creatures. God is never flesh, but mirrored in the attributes of His Prophets, we see His Divine characteristics and perfections.”

-Shoghi Effend, Lights of Guidance, p. 504-



Through Divine Prophets

We know attributes of God

And obeying Him


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