Do you think highly of yourself?

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I am utter nothingness.
Diamond attracts people more than me.
Fragrant flower pleases the world more than me.
The bird flies higher than me.
My daughter cooks better than me.
My granddaughter dances better than me.
However, I don’t feel disappointed with all these things. Other beings have their potentialities, I have mine. I just keep on trying to work for my development and enjoy the fruit of my own efforts.
Finally, other things may return to dust, but my soul may ascend to the Kingdom of my God.
I don’t waste time to judge the world, but I concentrate energy on establishing communion with God, Who makes me with this desire and capacity to trust Him. Perhaps my trust is correct. If I become dust, there would be no regret. If I reach the Kingdom, I will be ready for more tasks assigned by God.

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New Addition For This Post

Baha’u’llah says:

“Out of the wastes of nothingness, with the clay of My command I made thee to appear, and have ordained for thy training every atom in existence and the essence of all created things. Thus, ere thou didst issue from thy mother’s womb, I destined for thee two founts of gleaming milk, eyes to watch over thee, and hearts to love thee. Out of My loving-kindness, ‘neath the shade of My mercy I nurtured thee, and guarded thee by the essence of My grace and favor. And My purpose in all this was that thou mightest attain My everlasting dominion and become worthy of My invisible bestowals.”
(Baha’u’llah, The Persian Hidden Words 29)

Man supreme being
Mere nothingness before God
Our Eternal Lord


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