What is your secret to staying happy?

Asked By DoctorSheldonCooper 26-30 in Community

Reply By Me

I know prayer is happiness, so I pray.
I know obeying God is happiness, so I obey.
I know eating is happiness, so I eat.
I know sleeping is happiness, so I sleep.
I know surfing the Internet is happiness, so I surf.
I know answering questions is happiness, so I answer questions.
I know learning is happiness, so I learn.
The more my knowledge expands, the more I become happy.
Yes, that is the secret: getting knowledge and practicing!

Abdul-Baha says:

If a man become touched with the divine spark, even though he be an outcast and oppressed, he will be happy and his happiness cannot die.

Whatever man undertakes he achieves some result, whether through statesmanship, commerce, agriculture, science, etc., he receives a compensation for his efforts. Consider what will be the result of those who work in the universal cause!

(Abdu’l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 57)



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Abdul-Baha says:




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Happy in practice


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