What has lead you to believe that you are intelligent?
Sometimes I start thinking I’m not so dull after all… but then someone comes a long and shatters that idea. xD I’m not particularly intelligent, I simply have occasional moments…
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All human beings are intelligent.
He wonders, he asks questions, he wishes, he hopes, he desires…, those are signs of intelligence.
One can be creative like an ant, the other like a horse, someone else like a dragon …. In ancient societies, intelligence was not developed widely as it is today. He who calculated well might be considered as intelligent, others as stupid! But today, intelligence is expressed and esteemed excellently through thousands of means, ways, gadgets … Nobody can be considered as more intelligent than others. He who learns to develop properly his inner powers will be seen as truly intelligent.
With education becoming universal, via Internet, we will see how great and wonderful the intelligence of each human being.
Yes, know that you are intelligent and develop it with your laborious learning and practice.

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New Addition For This Post
Abdul-Baha says:
“The nature of the sun is radiance; it shines without will or intelligence. The nature of vapor is to ascend; it ascends without will or intelligence. Thus it is clear that the natural movements of all things are compelled; there are no voluntary movements except those of animals and, above all, those of man. Man is able to resist and to oppose Nature because he discovers the constitution of things, and through this he commands the forces of Nature; all the inventions he has made are due to his discovery of the constitution of things.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Some Answered Questions, p. 3)

Each human being
Enhance his intelligence
Through education


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