What’s the difference between being intelligent and being educated?
Asked by joyevaa 31-35, F in Education
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Your asking questions is intelligence; your answering is education.
Lower creatures have no intelligence to ask questions, and no rational sense to go through human and divine education.
With intelligence, you wonder about you and your relation to the world. With education, you will know exactly who you are and how to maintain complete harmony with your Creator and His creation.
As for human education, we have schools and universities teaching science; as for divine education, we have Messengers of God teaching religion. The more a human being is understanding and practicing what he learn, the more he will living a life of happiness and progress in the innumerable worlds of God.
Today all questions and answers can be found on the Internet.

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New Addition For This Post
Abdul-Baha says:

“The day is coming when all the religions of the world will unite, for in principle they are one already. There is no need for division, seeing that it is only the outward forms that separate them. Among the sons of men some souls are suffering through ignorance, let us hasten to teach them; others are like children needing care and education until they are grown, and some are sick — to these we must carry Divine healing.
Whether ignorant, childish or sick, they must be loved and helped, and not disliked because of their imperfection.”
(Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 121)
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